The MSU Band Project

This page is dedicated to all of the MSU Band supporters who have purchased or ordered their pins. I've been asked "how do you do that?" and this page is my answer. I've scanned each phase of the building process so that you can see how your pin was made.

div align="center">The first step in the process is to cut and shape the legs and feet. The details (like the spats and stripes down the pants legs) are then added.
The coat body is added to the finished pants. (left)
White stripes are added to the coat. The hand is added to the sleeve, then the rest of the detail on the sleeves are added.
Left--The completed body. Now, for the head...
See the little pieces? They are the face features and the hair.
Left--The finished face and hair added to the body. Here's a close-up of the face. See where all those little pieces fit?
Left--I added the hat. Once the hat is on all I needed to do was add the Spartan S on the coat and MSU on the hat. The pupils are added right before I cook him. (I use a liquid polymer clay on the tip of a pin to make the pupils.)